God our hope

Some people think that God being their hope
Means God will make things work out
Take all the broken stuff
Fix it,
Then give it back.
God, our cosmic repair man.
And so we hope in God
To do, and fix,
Provide, supply.

But what if God being our hope
Means God remains all we have
When all the stuff is broken and gone
What if having God as our hope
Means having God instead of all else,
Knowing God won’t break
Or rust
Or divorce us
Or leave us?
What if hoping in God means wanting God
And not other things because God alone
Cannot die
Cannot lie
Cannot fail
Will not bail
Doesn’t break or wear out?
What if in the end God doesn’t fix broken things,
But just replaces them?
What if we don’t get things back repaired,
We just get God?

(Tom Belt)

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2 comments on “God our hope

  1. Shane says:

    Nice work. I appreciate seeing another guy combine theologico-philosophical reflection with a little poetry on his blog. 🙂


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