Whatcha reading? 3

imagesWhat wonderfully challenging and inspiring book Fr Stephen Freeman has written. If you haven’t read it, please get ahold of Everywhere Present: Christianity in a One Story Universe. You won’t be sorry. Our failures in life are first a failure to perceive God’s presence before they are a failure of anything else. I grew up with a two story worldview and only wish I would have stepped into the truths that Fr Stephen shares far earlier than I did. Brother Lawrence’s Practicing the Presence of God is a well-known classic that relays the simple but profound truth that we are never, and could not possibly be, separated from the presence of God whose grace is his presence. You’ll find Fr Stephen’s book equally insightful and relevant.

GameAnother very challenging read along similar lines is Frank Charles Laubach’s The Game With Minutes. Laubach was an Evangelical missionary known as the Apostle to the Illiterate. In the 1930’s Laubach dedicated his life to learning what it would mean to live life without ever losing conscious awareness of God’s presence. Check him out. He has several books worth reading.

While I’m at it, let me encourage you to listen to Dallas Willard’s lecture on God’s presence here.

One comment on “Whatcha reading? 3

  1. tgbelt says:

    In so many words, Switchfoot hit the mark! Check this out: http://ikts.org/this-is-why-switchfoot-wont-sing-christian-songs-anymore/



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