I’m a Trinitarian, Yo!


No, not that Dwayne. Wade out a bit deeper. Our Dwayne takes us for a ride—

I take a beat and I ride it like Godiva
Get grimy and slimy, like heavy saliva
You got confessions? I’ll be your confidah
Heavy in the faith, Lord knows I’m a ridah

I’m with Creator so I call on the Name
If you ask him yourself, I bet he tell you the same
And I’m Leaving all the craziness, I’m tryin’ to get sane
Only pain to lose, Eternal life is to gain. (Uh)

Rappers questing, lookin’ to be glorious
Listen to the music, though. It sounds so laborious
Thinkin’ that they warriors, slaves to the self
That must be why they albums be dusty on the shelf.

Never mind that, I’m deep in the vicinity
Speaking on the Holy One-in-Three, that’s the Trinity
Dancing with the tri-part-ite, in the best groove
To understand, betta ponder like a chess move.

The Triune is the summit of all mystery
Father, Son, and Spirit: Ruler of all History
One God…in Three Hypostases
Get the right angles…isosceles

I’m a monotheist, but I’m trinitarian
Healthy in my soul, like a brand new vegetarian
The Father is the Primal and the Son is in me
With the Spirit, I have the Presence of all three.

But it’s one God, don’t get it twisted.
Oops, I went too fast. Yo, I guess you missed it.
Just talk to the Creator, He’ll bring it back
I’ll just sit back and kick it like a hacky sack.

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