Beck on ‘Empathetic Open Theism’

notebookRichard Beck over at Experimental Theology has just posted some interesting (and we think at points flawed) thoughts re: open theism. We’ll definitely be engaging.

3 comments on “Beck on ‘Empathetic Open Theism’

  1. Richard Beck says:

    Flawed? Uh oh.

    But seriously, looking forward to your observations and criticisms. It’s one of the reasons I floated the idea, to see where it falters or turns solidly toward the heretical.


  2. tgbelt says:

    Thanks Richard. Good to hear from ya, and excited that you posted too. I think you’ve been chatting with Dwayne a bit. Looking forward to jumping in as well! Tom


  3. […] this week. My friends Tom and Dwayne over at An Open Orthodoxy have started a series engaging Beck: Beck on Empathic Open Theism and Experimental Open Theism Part 1, even bringing some questiosn to Beck’s own questions of […]


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