Closer to Truth: Sarah Coakley

sarah_coakley_080813_0_450If you haven’t yet discovered Robert Lawrence Kuhn’s wonderful resource at Closer to Truth, let me be the first to encourage you to explore the site. He has done us all a great service. The interviews are excellent and there’s no shortage of topics and views.

I’ve listened to dozens, many of them repeatedly. Not sure how I missed her before, but this week I listened to Sarah Coakley for the first time. She is an Anglican theologian/philosopher, priest and deputy chair of the School of Arts and Humanities at Cambridge. I could listen to her all day. Below are a few suggestions. The first interview the Trinity is simply wonderful. The last one on the list is beyond delightful. If God were incarnate as a woman, she’d be Sarah Coakley.

Sarah Coakley: The Mystery of the Trinity

Sarah Coakley: Christology & Science

Sarah Coakley: What kind of world did God create?

Sarah Coakley: Panentheism: Is the World in God?

Sarah Coakley: Why believe in God?

2 comments on “Closer to Truth: Sarah Coakley

  1. What? God speaking through a woman? I will believe there is no God before I believe that wIll ever happen:))


  2. Jacob Hunt says:

    Yeah… her mode of coming to “the Trinity” is the most plausible one I’ve heard spoken.


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