Think differently, live differently

bob-hamp-bookPart of what I do at our church here in Minneapolis is direct Recovery ministries, a network of support groups helping people get and stay free. Typically folks think of 12-Step programs for addicts when they think about ‘recovery’. But recovery embraces more than just substance abuse. We’re all in recovery. Most of our classes address issues you might not think of when you think of ‘recovery’ — marriage support, divorce care, anger management, anxiety and depression, boundaries, purity, etc. One amazing thing I’ve observed since beginning to work in the recovery community is struggling and hurting people coming alive to the healing truth of God’s abiding and indestructible joy (apatheia), but that’s another issue.

In this post I’d like to share a resource I’ve taped into this summer teaching through Bob Hamp’s Foundations of Freedom. Excellent material. Up to this past Spring Bob was a staff pastor at Gateway Church in Ft. Worth, but I believe he’s back in private practice now.