Shortest books in the world


I’m still collecting titles for the shortest books in the world. Suggestions welcomed.

“Road to the Super Bowl: The Detroit Lions’ Story”
“How Higher Taxes Created Jobs”
“Brewing Your Own Beer” by Stanley Horton
“Women in Church Leadership” by Mark Driscoll
“Systematic Theology” by Peter Rollins
“AMERICA!” by John Howard Yoder (forward by Stanley Hauerwas)
“A Theology of Suffering” by Joel Osteen
Charismata: A Dialog with the Traditions” by John MacArthur
“12 Steps to Health and Wealth” by John Piper
“Tips for Great Vocals” by Katie Perry
“Fun Things To Do in Southern Illinois”
“Ministries I Approve Of” by Hank Hanegraaff
“Anita Belt: The Dark Years”

A few from my Middle Eastern years…

“Top Middle Eastern Vacation Spots”
“Humble Arabs I Have Known”
“Jewish Business Ethics”
“Jordanian War Heroes”
“Islamic Democracies”

More suggestions?

(Picture here.)

One comment on “Shortest books in the world

  1. davidsaleeba says:

    An even shorter book *should* be “Mark Driscoll in Church Leadership”.


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