Thinking through feeling

Philosopher Alan Rhoda chimes in on the (im)passibility debate among open theists:

Open Theism and Impassibility in Feeling
By Alan Rhoda | November 18, 2014

Among open theists there has been a running in-house debate between what I will call the “passibilist” and “impassibilist” camps. T. C. Moore has lately been leading the charge on behalf of the passibilists, while Tom Belt and Dwayne Polk have been leading the charge for the impassibilists. (As noted below, by “passibilism” and “impassibilism” here I’m speaking strictly with respect to passibility in feeling.)

I find myself genuinely sympathetic to both sides because it seems to me that both sides genuinely want to affirm something valuable about God and want to avoid certain deeply problematic extremes. My hope is that with some careful definitions and distinctions we can find room for at least a partial rapprochement…

Please check out the rest at Alan’s blog.

One comment on “Thinking through feeling

  1. alanyzer says:

    Thanks for the plug, Tom. 🙂


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