No Exit: “Others” as Completion or Competition?

Fr Aidan over at Eclectic Orthodoxy has a great series of posts he’s doing on Christos Yannaras. I’m reading Yannaras’ Person and Eros now — very slowly. I’d like to encourage any who haven’t already read Fr Aidan’s most recent post linked below to do so.


Christos Yannaras: The Fall of Humanity into the Desperate Passion for Survival

“Man was created to become a partaker in the personal mode of existence which is the life of God,” writes Christos Yannaras—“to become a partaker in the freedom of love which is true life” (The Freedom of Morality, p. 19).

But humanity does not experience life. Death, dissolution, decay, violence and disorder—such is the human condition. Why are we so profoundly alienated from the end for which we were made? Christos Yannaras offers the classical Orthodox answer, with a modern twist…

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