Life’s rhythms are within your heart inscribed

1916248_282565954983_6380428_nOccasionally we like to share a poem or composition. I have ‘life poems’ for each of my four kids (shared Jessica’s back here). Today I’d like to share David’s.

David and his wife Lauren recently moved up to the Twin Cities from Texas and are in our basement for a few weeks until they find a home. He’s worship leader at a nearby church. He drove us crazy as a kid, first banging away in the attic on a drum set (and the kitchen cupboards), then piano and guitar. Great heart for God. A true troubadour. So I thought I’d share my reflections on David.



Life’s Rhythms Are Within Your Heart Inscribed

David, life’s rhythms are within your heart inscribed,
Where melodies and chords therein abide,
As once on lonely fields and in an unknown king,
Both earth and sky were blessed and voice was raised to sing.
Son, do not fear the weight of such a name,
With all its faded glory and the shadow of its fame;
Goliaths slain and yet exaltation and regret
Lay left and right your path ‘ore which the sun shall set
As upon us all it must; but you my Son fear not that day,
Let your steps match the rhythms of your heart come what may.
Where others fear the depths of waters far from shore
And spend their days in ignorance of, or dreaming for, more;
Let your voice and song resound from where Horizon dwells,
From where the soul pursues its path beneath the stars on ocean swells;
There is your home, a place of such repose,
Amid the storms which threaten not a heart that knows
It rests within the One who made these all,
Whose voice in every wind and ocean spray does call.
From your first days you felt the beat of life’s persuasion,
Drummed it out as could be heard regardless of occasion;
As life’s tempos would permit you kept pace with every measure
Interpreting some grand theme within and therein lay your treasure.
Now recall the themes are not your own, derive they from an ancient source
Which called the cosmos into being and steadies it upon its course,
And now in you erupts in quintessential phrase,
Arpeggios of love all set ablaze.
Love’s staff and measure, her signature and themes
Take shape within your mind and are born inside your dreams.
Oh how true it is, more than I can here describe,
That life’s rhythms, Son, are within your heart inscribed.

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3 comments on “Life’s rhythms are within your heart inscribed

  1. formerlyjeff says:

    Awesome, Tom. Do you or your wife play any instruments?


  2. tgbelt says:

    Hi Jeff. I’ve played guitar my whole life (classical and acoustic). No real talent. But Anita was a music/voice major in college. The kids get it from her.


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