Catalyst Christology

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Andrew Wilson, working on a PhD at King’s College London, shares the results of a straw poll at CatalystLT.

This is good news?

4 comments on “Catalyst Christology

  1. formerlyjeff says:

    From looking at his blog, I can’t see anything that indicates he agrees with Nestorianism. I’m wondering if he’s actually expressing agreement with it. Could he be speaking sarcastically?


  2. tgbelt says:

    I was just going off the “Well done” comment at the end. Looks like a “Thumbs up” to the result of the poll. Could be wrong!


  3. formerlyjeff says:

    Yeah, another interpretation is that he’s glad the poll is bringing out what would otherwise not be known. The only reference to Nestorianism I saw on his blog was an anti-Nestorianism one. He certainly left himself open to the interpretation you’re taking, though.


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