God is not happy

GodhappyI recently ran across God is Not Happy (2015) by Flo Taber-Brown. Amazon’s book description is even better than the title:

“This book was inspired by God. He is angered by the moral decay of the United States as well as the government’s removing of God from schools, government offices, etc., and the treatment of Christian and Christian organizations in this country. Ideas for improving Christian education, the behavior of Christians, their behavior within the church, and the importance of mission are among the areas covered. The goal of this book is raise awareness for Christians about un-Christian behavior, and how to positively change so that America returns to the Christian nation it once was.”

In contrast to this, here is a short essay, Divine Beatitude: Supreme Archetype of Aesthetic Experience, by Reza Shah Kazemi, a Muslim thinker. In this instance, I’m on the Muslim’s side.

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