The liturgy of life

Three+Faiths+One+God+compos - CopyI was asked, “Would you or have you as a Christian prayed in a mosque?”

My reply was/is of course! How could I not? Prayer is not an activity separable from the mundane, something I do only in some places and at some times. My very existence is an act of prayer, a liturgy of rising, eating, working, playing, loving, and sleeping in and as an act of worship to the God in whom I am. To not pray in a mosque would require never entering a mosque, since wherever I am I am prayer. And why should I never enter a mosque if the God to whom my very existence is a liturgy of prayer is everywhere? Why should I refuse to go where God does not refuse to be?


Prayer: Father of all heavenly lights, illuminate it all.  Let it all be a burning bush for you. Fill the earth with the knowledge of your glory as the waters cover the sea. And if I can help, tell me how.

One comment on “The liturgy of life

  1. I agree completely. Over 30 years ago I prayed to Christ in a Buddhist Temple in Asia.


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