Just a comma


Wit, a Margaret Edson play written for film by and starring Emma Thompson, is one of my favorite movies. It’s not easy to watch, however. It is about death, something I think about regularly.

Thompson plays a tough English professor specializing in John Donne and who is diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer at the beginning of the movie. She narrates her journey through treatment. The video here is one of the more poignant moments in the movie for me. A beautifully made and acted film. The only mistake in the conversation below is that Professor Ashford refers to the Donne Sonnet in question (“Death be not proud”) as Sonnet VI. I believe it’s Sonnet X.

One comment on “Just a comma

  1. Tom says:

    You can watch the entire movie on Youtube: https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=uyyGu5OUD-o&list=PLuWjm74n77sPRfsAce5yolxo5vcbz-DC-&index=1. I added a space after the www.)


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