Living outside the box

blogpost1-300x300A David Benner thought got me to thinking about the role of imagination in what we call “thinking outside the box.” When someone invites us to think outside the box we set aside our normal way of being ‘realistic’. When we do this we access our core, Spirit-given creativity and as a result see all kinds of new possibilities. But we typically surrender this imaginative mode of cognitive exploration and return to realistic ways of thinking when we’re done brain-storming.

But is this return to realistic modes of thought as our primary framework for life really necessary? What if instead of infrequently tapping into our imagination as a service to realistic thinking, we turned the tables and saw ourselves as tapping into realistic modes of thought in the service of imaginative living? Is that imaginable? What if we lived outside the box, so to speak, in a perpetual imaginative-creative framework and only thought inside the box (realistically) when needed?

Just a thought.

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