Stompin out the Devil


Stompin out the Devil? Naw. I give him no attention,
I focus on Creator, Divinity apprehension;
The Enemy is forgotten long ago like an old pastime,
Things begin again, not worried bout the last time.
The Devil had me in a choke hold – He broke that.
No weapon formed against me – He wrote that.
Sin was a dragon to me – He smote that.
Had a sleeping giant deep in my soul – He woke that.
Love is the mission, and I even love the Enemy.
When it comes to Creation, the fool is still kin to me, cause
We all come from the same Source, Same Life,
One forgiveness, cause we all go through the same strife.
Some people may think that I’m going to hell
Cause I believe that Satan may be saved as well.
If that’s you, then pray for me a sinner,
Cause I believe God can turn any loser to a winner.

(Dwayne Polk)

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One comment on “Stompin out the Devil

  1. Tom Torbeyns says:

    Nice poem but I definitely disagree with universalists. 🙂


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