Skyline is a byline


Today is a good day, cuz I’m still breath’in,
Mercy after mercy, every breath I am receiv’in,
Looking at the sky and trees, I see a party,
Wasted off this life of mine, don’t need Bacardi.
Grab the keys, now I’m flyin down the highway,
Feeling lifted and yet protected, like a skyway.
Everywhere I turn, there’s another new miracle,
Catch it with the senses, but the perception is spiritual.
Missing my dawgs, yeah, I miss them old Hoyas,
Together we stand up in the wind like we sequoias.
I say a prayer for my clique, hope they stay on fleek
Inheriting the world because we stay on meek.
Approaching Minneapolis, I see the skyline,
But its beauty is penultimate like a byline
Why? Because I see His Beauty in all forms
Omnipresent order, yet breaking all norms.

(Dwayne Polk)

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