Gollum the Evangelical


Dwayne and I as a rule don’t devote space here to politics. But it’s hard to see someone you love lose their mind. Pastor John Pavlovitz expresses his disappointment over and assessment of evangelicalism’s political appetite and vision, and we concur entirely with his perspective. And we say that as evangelicals.

The rising tide of Sadduceaism has submerged us. It’s hard to avoid concluding that evangelicals as a cultural-religious phenomenon, as a faith tradition (to the extent 100 years can be called a tradition) are no longer teetering upon the precipice of irrelevance in danger of losing their credibility and voice. We are beyond that as a tribe. We have leapt off the edge and are in free fall. It’s over for us as a cultural-prophetic voice calling people to a rational, transformative faith and worldview. No longer a voice in the wilderness, we’ve nothing of moral consequence to say to the world.

Like Gollum falling into the bowels of Mount Doom with the Ring of Power in his hand, smiling and happy as he fell but oblivious to his fate, evangelicals descend, smiling and rejoicing with the Presidency in their hands, into their own consuming desire.


4 comments on “Gollum the Evangelical

  1. America has been through some hard times. Sadly, some of the most prominent white evangelicals are leading the charge to direct our suspicion and anger on the most vulnerable in our midst–refugees, immigrants, the poor, black people, LGBTQ, etc. It’s hard to imagine Jesus calling on Caesar to denounce and destroy a group of people for their dangerous beliefs, like white evangelicals are trying to do with Muslims in America and around the world. On the contrary, that is exactly what Jesus’ enemies did to him.

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  2. kenn lutz says:

    This comment may seem off-track and traitorous, yet my fealty is to God not some state or nation.
    I have just read in Hieromonk Damascene’s Father Seraphim Rose his redaction of the unfinished The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Man which contrasts the God’s Will with the devolution (or is it ‘devil’ution) of humanity in this modern era.
    Today I came across an interview from last summer with Metropolitan Amfilohije (Radović) of Montenegro which discusses “THE ORTHODOX CHURCH IS STANDING IN THE WAY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER”- http://www.pravoslavie.ru/english/81604.htm -which seems tenable. Yet I question the ability of Orthodoxy to do it alone.
    It appears that both Judaism and Western Christianity are fully invested in the neuterizing of God in accord with the Far Eastern godlessness.
    However, there is another Abrahamic religion that has not succumbed to such depravity, even though they project human divinity into the hereafter. Perhaps it is needful to ecclesiastically denounce ecuminicism and to dignify their response to encroaching secularism.
    This is a new thought for me though long on recognising that …

    God IS the lover of mankind.


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