A bird upon my hammock sat


I have a hammock where I go,
A secret place that’s not for show;
A classroom where my soul learns how
To posture and in stillness bow
My heart and mind and listen for
Less of the world, and to God more.
Just today in fact, tis true,
While gazing upwards into blue,
I had only for a moment lay
And opened up my thoughts to say:
“Father, you are beautiful;
The sun is warm, the shade is cool,
The trees do sway and robins sing;
I’d like to ask you for one thing.
Would you a bird please send my way?
And, in sending her, to say:
‘I love you son, and just to prove
I hear your voice, I see you move,
I’ll have that bird come by and sit
Right on your hammock just a bit’.”
No sooner had I offered up
My prayer to God and then shut-up,
I thought “What foolishness to hope
A bird would land within my scope!”
When suddenly a Blue-Jay flew
From left of me and into view.
She briefly on my hammock sat,
Then flew away—and that was that.
Stunned nearly into disbelief,
But then by faith with great relief,
I knew God heard my humble prayer,
As on my hammock I did stare
Into the sky needing a sign
That I was his, and he was mine.

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