Questioning God

QAJust some random thoughts that seemed to present themselves.

We are not meant to read the Bible. We are meant to hear it. (Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God; Rom 10.17). We don’t read to expose the truth of Scripture. Scripture exposes us, discloses our truth—whatever that truth is. The Bible is where we are read. Question we must. It’s in our nature. But we find true answers when we discover that the answers precede and so create the questions.

A compass detects magnetic north by answering it, not by creating anything or putting its case to magnetism. It just is its attraction. Its experience of movement, of being drawn and attracted, is the compass’s existence as answer to the greater reality in which it finds itself and which defines its purpose and function. Magnetic north doesn’t exist because there are compasses. Nor is magnetism an answer to the compass’s question, however practical a utility compasses are.

So I’m just wondering whether that we question at all is in reality our answer to a more fundamental question which being, as gift, puts to us. So when it comes to theology, divine transcendence means our questions are responses to the answers that seek us out, not the other way around. God gives himself to us in the form of desire, thirst, hunger, longing. But God doesn’t show up as an object of our interrogation to provide answers. We show up in our searching as questioned by God, and we ask most properly when we posit ourselves in our questions as our answer to the questions that create us.

One comment on “Questioning God

  1. Tom says:

    Dwayne writes: “If God gave himself to us as pure “answer”, there would be no room for a truly DIALOGICAL relationship in the human self-discovery process.”



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