A time for everything under the sun


Head’s up! I need to announce some changes in my life that will mean a temporary pause in new posts. I’ve accepted a new job that will involve relocating out of state the first of the year – from Minnesota to California. My wife and I are excited about this next chapter in our lives, but it means I’ll be busy this December getting our home ready to sell and packing up our lives, then there’s the move west and settling into a new job and home. I’ll be checking in to respond to comments, but I’m not likely to be making new posts until the move is behind us and we’re settled. I just wanted folks to know I haven’t shut things down and hope to be back in the saddle as soon as possible after the new year. I’ll keep you posted!

2 comments on “A time for everything under the sun

  1. malcolmsnotes says:

    what’s the job Tom?


  2. Tom says:

    I’m leaving my position as a staff pastor at a church here in the Twin Cities and becoming the director of a nonprof, an Arabic language Bible society dedicated to the translation of the Bible into Arabic for Muslim readers (the only such complete translation in existence). They’re just getting into producing a Study Bible edition of this version as well and that’s super exciting. I’ve teamed up with them in the past here and there (when I was a missionary in the Middle East), but when my Recovery work here in MN came to an end in August, this position found me.

    There are at least half a dozen good translations of the Bible in Arabic, but all of them are in a highly “Christianized” form of Arabic that remains foreign to “Muslim” readers. The Sharif Bible (the text I’ll be working with/for) intentionally adopts key terms, phrases, and other vocabulary that are unique to Arabic speaking Muslims.


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