Christ El Dorado


Got more love in my heart than Lucy had for Ricardo,
My heart goes astray, He stops me cold like an embargo,
I am the Masked Monk, theological desperado,
Searchin’ till I found the Hidden Treasure, El Dorado.

Never gold, I’m ever bold, his story’s been told,
Never sold, staying cold, for the young and the old,
Preacher like a creature with the Word in his mouth, and his
Feature as teacher will remove any doubt—that the

Logos is reality, like death and taxes
People claim to know the Savior, but they don’t follow his praxis
So they wobble in the Faith, unstable axis
Using power instead of love, using unstable tactics.

It’s time to repent, come back to reality,
Transcend the animality, annihilate brutality;
Awaken. I am you and you are me, we are all one.
Unity in Zero, made relevant by the Holy One.

(Dwayne Polk)

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One comment on “Christ El Dorado

  1. malcolmsnotes says:

    Is it weird I read this in the voice of Vanilla Ice?

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