Look at the stars

4d025d9df94433c3bff094fa9bc179eb“As for what always turns out to be beyond any impression that can reveal it, how could it ever be understood by means of an indication included in this or that name? This is why the soul excogitates every meaning of names, in order to indicate that inexpressible Good, but every discursive capacity of reasoning is always defeated and declared inferior to the object that it is looking for. This is why the soul says: ‘I have called him as I could, excogitating words that indicate its inexpressible beatitude, but he was always superior to the indication suggested by their meanings’.” (Gregory of Nyssa)

4 comments on “Look at the stars

  1. Robert Fortuin says:

    Yes, what is meant by a ‘similarity in an ever greater dissimilarity.’ Discourse grounded in existence is always overshadowed by its Source.


  2. Love this. Reference?


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