Getting to know Rene Girard

Girard, Rene

There are a few audio/video resources I repeatedly benefit from in trying to better understand Girard’s thought, besides Girard’s books of course. Please read the man himself. Girard noted (in the second interview I list below) that there was a time, before Girard established himself, when people actually read him but none quoted him. Today it seems that since his views are fashionable, people quote him who don’t actually read him. But if you’re reading the man himself, then I suggest a few other helpful resources.



2 comments on “Getting to know Rene Girard

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    This post over at An Open Orthodoxy gives some resources on one of the most important Christian intellectuals in the second half of the 21st Century – Rene Girard.

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  2. The five-part interview on CBC was my first exposure to Girard and prompted me to read I saw Satan Fall from Heaven Like Lightning. Ironically enough, I was also looking into chaos theory and the concept of self-similarity in the sub and superstructure of the universe, and the concepts Girard puts forth are eerily similar to the cosmology of chaos. The morality of mimesis in a fallen order speaks to the function of chaos on the human plane.

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