Jesus: King of the Trill


I will always be thankful, filled up with gratitude,
Living the beatitude, changin’ up my attitude,
On another latitude,
Still in his presence
Living in his Energies (he can keep the Essence);
When the skies of my life turn grey,
And the winds turn hurricane causing trees to sway,
I will never look away, I know I will be okay,
Cuz the Shepherd got this sheep – in his lap my head I lay,
And I look around and I see the pain, I ain’t blind,
Seems like all people know nowadays is how to be unkind,
But I look past all the frowns to see invisible crowns,
And by the Spirit, I am down
To be the Bride, no gown;
Ima thank the Lord continually, it is his will;
Stop fightin’ my fears, for I know they are his kill,
Stay grateful, pass my cares to the Lord like a bill.
Word to Bun B: Jesus is the King of the Trill.
And I thank You!

(Dwayne Polk)

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