The seductions of Kenosis

Professor Kilby (of Durham University at the Centre for Catholic Studies conference on Suffering, Diminishment and the Christian Life, January 2018, Durham) discusses problems related to applications of the notion of kenotic suffering and loss to our understanding of God.

2 comments on “The seductions of Kenosis

  1. Tom says:

    What exposure I’ve had to Kilby’s reflections on Balthasar were positive (in spite of David C. Schindler’s criticism of Kilby’s take on Balthasar). I followed this presentation of Kilby’s by listening to Linn Tonstad’s presentation on vulnerability at the same conference. Thought it was great. Then I ran across Tonstad’s criticisms of Coakley and found them strange, given the Coakley I had read. Coakley’s response to Tonstad in the Syndicate review of the latter’s book ‘God and Difference’ helped. (see the exchange between Coakley and Tonstad).


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