Live instead



I guess it finally happened. I’m gone. I lost my mind,
But I’m mindful, never mindless, and I stay on the grind
For the Invisible – (S)he and me, we indivisible.
Any created reality coming between us is inadmissible,
Dismissible. The whole world comes to zero,
And I just sit on the hill and watch it burn, like I’m Nero;
Not a Caesar, I’m just a Jesus pleaser;
No longer an Ebenezer with a heart cold as a freezer, no!
I’m on fire, full of the Messiah,
When I’m on the pyre I keep my spirituality higher;
I face the Void with the Spirit at my back,
Wind in my sails, protection from any attack.
The Reaper’s gotta grin ‘cause he knows about ‘tipping points’,
But I stay calm with the Balm, as the dripping anoints
My head. I’m dinin’ off the Living Bread.
I die before I die so when I die, I live instead.

(Dwayne Polk)

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