You keep thrillin me

Here we are — alone. It’s just you and me. It’s cool when we out on the town, but I love our privacy; I need your presence to myself, guess I’m selfish, But your love breaks me outta my shell like a shellfish. Feelin’ you so much I can barely stand it, All of my […]

Like a Ducati

Spirit like a symbiote, permeating my body, Give me inner strength like doing spiritual pilates, Flowin’ in the Spirit, ridin’ low like a Ducati, Taste and see the Lord is good, betta than manicotti. Lord, preserve my sanity, cuz we live in an asylum, We some crazy species, think we need another phylum, The President […]

Fiending your presence

Addicted to the Presence I’m fiending, Falling in love, I’m careening, Feels just like I’m dreaming, Hot under the collar, I’m steaming; But I stay on froze, keeping my Cool from the head to the toes, acting a Fool among the friends and the foes. Never a Tool for the lies that I oppose. I […]

Risen indeed

Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed, and yet The face of Christ is also seen in the neighbor in need, may the Power of resurrection come to kill all the greed, help us to See those who bleed, help us to Free to be freed, help us to Really receive, believe, achieve, and conceive […]

Cerebral alchemist

I’m a cerebral alchemist, making gold from mere sentences Mastered the matriculation, y’all are mere apprentices Martin Luther King and Tech N9ne, I am the synthesis Bifurcate the real from the fake like a parenthesis. Switchin hands with the ball in the lane, I’m ambidextrous Equanimity is the goal for my soul, never impetuous Well, […]

The beef is back on

So I guess the beef is back on, just toss it in the wok – flame Blazes and amazes, but they never on the block – game Is always played pettily with no rules, it’s no shock – shame Upon the industry that can’t tell the times, a broken clock – name Me one rapper […]

Jesus: King of the Trill

I will always be thankful, filled up with gratitude, Living the beatitude, changin’ up my attitude, On another latitude, Still in his presence Living in his Energies (he can keep the Essence); When the skies of my life turn grey, And the winds turn hurricane causing trees to sway, I will never look away, I […]

Ecce Homo

I’m pretty sure I’m psycho The world’s a game like Tyco Everybody playin But we lackin sight tho’ All I do is stay still Wait on the divine will Patience is the right skill Sight coming like the light bill But maybe I’m just psycho If I’m not, I might go I ask the Lord […]

Coffee is black

Black men enter, white people get fearful; 911 call – now more mothers get tearful. Want me to be quiet? Hell naw, here’s an earful Spillin’ thoughts over the top like I got my beer full. Shout out my brothers and sisters, watchin the PoPo, Predators roamin’ the streets like they hobo Against people of […]

I’ve been to the mountaintop

Rest in Peace – MLK Jr. Fifty years ago (1968) this April 4 murdered. “I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.” Thank you Dwayne Polk for helping me realize through our friendship more about race than I possibly could have seen […]