Coffee is black

Black men enter, white people get fearful; 911 call – now more mothers get tearful. Want me to be quiet? Hell naw, here’s an earful Spillin’ thoughts over the top like I got my beer full. Shout out my brothers and sisters, watchin the PoPo, Predators roamin’ the streets like they hobo Against people of […]

I’ve been to the mountaintop

Rest in Peace – MLK Jr. Fifty years ago (1968) this April 4 murdered. “I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.” Thank you Dwayne Polk for helping me realize through our friendship more about race than I possibly could have seen […]

Plato’s Cave

Straight from the straight-jacket, it’s the Clown Prince, Fool for the Holy, making the whole town wince; Betta know, baby, I am God’s Joker, Watch ya facial expression, like it’s a game of poker. I bring the laughter along with the mayhem, Distribute theories of games and let you play them; Escaped from Plato’s Cave […]

Trap theology

I am not into mythology, My interest is trap theology, Educate with some frivolity, In the struggle for equality. And I keep walkin’ the walk, clear as a Bell when I talk, even when they balk, I cannot stop while they stalk, Shoot first, they dont wanna talk; They line ‘em in chalk. Nihilism prone, […]

Skeet shoot

Emperor Trump’s treating the nation like a bully, Wolf in sheep’s clothing, but the outfit ain’t too woolly, no more. Yeah, his stark nakedness is a shame, But American white supremacy just lets him play the game. Meanwhile, coppers pull on a black man and aim like a skeet shoot, For the melanin, they swoop […]

We ain’t playin’ that

“Godforsakenness” is fiction like Puff the Magic Dragon, and we slayin’ that — Mental games from theodicy frames, and we aint playin’ that — God dudn’t forsake his children; Quote us cuz we sayin’ that — Lord, open our eyes and mesmerize — we prayin’ that. (Dwayne Polk)

Just another nigga

My skin is black, got melanin of cocoa, Preservin’ my consciousness in the Land of the Loco; Smarter than the average, but my life doesn’t matter, Scared cop, mistaken identity, and my blood will still splatter – Cuz of a fear of a black planet and a hoodie that I rock, Just another nigga dead, yeah, there […]

My main squeeze

I can’t lie, the Holy Spirit is my Main Squeeze, I run after Her, like I’m late when the train leaves, Breath colder than an Arctic breeze, I got a brain freeze Spirit has no gender, when I say “Her” just don’t complain, please. (Please…) Comfort, unbelievable. Passion, inconceivable, She gives Herself and I’m the […]

To my right and to my left

I’m walkin’ in the parking lot and I got my hood up. Feelin’ like a lottery winner, got that good luck; Smiling as I stroll, a King in the Pride Lands, But then I catch some side-eye contact in a wide glance. The lady looked at me, then she locked all her doors; Nervous smile, […]