Done blogging for now (but stay tuned)

It’s been a two-year stretch. Not bad. I’ve certainly learned a lot. And I feel like we’ve contributed something to the direction the ‘open view’ might take, most importantly that it needn’t degenerate into Process theism nor assume a Kenotic Christology or a Moltmannian/Boydian passibilism. If we’ve managed to convince anyone it’s possible to enjoy […]

Pseudo-Denys on the Law of Non-Contradiction

I’ve tapped into Denys Turner writings before (Unspeakably Transcended Series, Whatcha Reading? 2, Eadem est scientia oppositorum, and Mapping the Divine). I ran across an interesting and helpful portion of his Ch. 8 from Faith, Reason and the Existence of God that may address concerns some have about the abiding relevancy of the laws of […]

God at War in Ithilien, Part 4

Following on our previous comments regarding time, we’ll draw our series on Tait’s review of Greg’s warfare theodicy to an end with two concluding comments. They have to do with (a) the supposed providential use of God’s (timeless) (fore)knowledge and (b) how we’re to understand providence in general. The providential uselessness of simple foreknowledge In […]

Schrodinger’s God

I’d like to qualify the analogy we shared at the end of the previous post. It was a favorite of James Loder. I’m a fan, but Dwayne is a real student of his thought. So the qualification on the use of quantum mechanics (QM) I’d like to make is to remind readers that for us […]