Jesus: King of the Trill


I will always be thankful, filled up with gratitude,
Living the beatitude, changin’ up my attitude,
On another latitude,
Still in his presence
Living in his Energies (he can keep the Essence);
When the skies of my life turn grey,
And the winds turn hurricane causing trees to sway,
I will never look away, I know I will be okay,
Cuz the Shepherd got this sheep – in his lap my head I lay,
And I look around and I see the pain, I ain’t blind,
Seems like all people know nowadays is how to be unkind,
But I look past all the frowns to see invisible crowns,
And by the Spirit, I am down
To be the Bride, no gown;
Ima thank the Lord continually, it is his will;
Stop fightin’ my fears, for I know they are his kill,
Stay grateful, pass my cares to the Lord like a bill.
Word to Bun B: Jesus is the King of the Trill.
And I thank You!

(Dwayne Polk)


Ecce Homo


I’m pretty sure I’m psycho
The world’s a game like Tyco
Everybody playin
But we lackin sight tho’
All I do is stay still
Wait on the divine will
Patience is the right skill
Sight coming like the light bill
But maybe I’m just psycho
If I’m not, I might go
I ask the Lord for peace, but I’m down to fight tho’
I’m takin life in slow-mo
With my major Domo
Beholding all the beauty of the Son—
It’s Ecce Homo.

(Dwayne Polk)

Coffee is black


Black men enter, white people get fearful;
911 call – now more mothers get tearful.
Want me to be quiet? Hell naw, here’s an earful
Spillin’ thoughts over the top like I got my beer full.

Shout out my brothers and sisters, watchin the PoPo,
Predators roamin’ the streets like they hobo
Against people of color; it’s a war on the low-low
While the indifferent sip latte in Starbucks up in SoHo.

How many more brothers gotta give up they rights
Just to make sure that they live till the end of the night?
How many more sisters should we allow you to kill?
Maybe if we put the heat to you, that’ll allow you to chill?

Naw. But tensions continue to rise,
Anger is seethin’, we so damn tired of the lies;
I know the system, not the victims, is the thing I despise,
But sometimes the vision gets blurry from the tears in my eyes.

(Dwayne Polk)

Plato’s Cave


Straight from the straight-jacket, it’s the Clown Prince,
Fool for the Holy, making the whole town wince;
Betta know, baby, I am God’s Joker,
Watch ya facial expression, like it’s a game of poker.

I bring the laughter along with the mayhem,
Distribute theories of games and let you play them;
Escaped from Plato’s Cave and became super-sane,
But considered a waste of education, a super-lame.

But my smile is unchangeable, like divine nature,
Beautiful works of destruction, sublime glaciers;
Ridin with the Spirit, like I ride with Harley,
So death is absent its sting, no Fields of Barley.

I see the World as it is in its nothingness,
As I laugh that so-called Civilization be trustin this;
Call me mad, I see the Matrix like a CAT scan,
Why so serious? If you scared, call the Batman.

(Dwayne Polk)

Trap theology


I am not into mythology,
My interest is trap theology,
Educate with some frivolity,
In the struggle for equality.

And I keep walkin’ the walk, clear as a
Bell when I talk, even when they balk,
I cannot stop while they stalk,
Shoot first, they dont wanna talk;
They line ‘em in chalk.

Nihilism prone, Hopeless in the zone,
Dealin’ from the phone, just to feed the home;
Here and then they gone, Mama all alone,
Homies pour Patron with an inner groan.

God sees the pain and he wants
People that’re called by his name
To stand in the gap of the trap and proclaim
That there is Son in the midst of the rain.

(Dwayne Polk)

Skeet shoot


Emperor Trump’s treating the nation like a bully,
Wolf in sheep’s clothing, but the outfit ain’t too woolly, no more.
Yeah, his stark nakedness is a shame,
But American white supremacy just lets him play the game.
Meanwhile, coppers pull on a black man and aim like a skeet shoot,
For the melanin, they swoop like pelicans, that’s how they treat you.
Rough you up, engulf you up, cuff you up, and then seat you.
Later, you try to get justice, and they use the Law to defeat you?
That’ll make a sane people crazy, instant pathology,
And then you’ll have a real Clash of the Titans, instant mythology.
We will only take a foot on the neck for so long;
We wanna do right, but don’t push us, cuz things might go so wrong.
When you chose the Infamous Leader, you showed your true colors;
So don’t come to us actin like we all sisters and brothers;
Yeah, we love you, but it happens at a distance,
Because of persistent ignorance at your insistence.

(Dwayne Polk)

We ain’t playin’ that


“Godforsakenness” is fiction like Puff the Magic Dragon,
and we slayin’ that —
Mental games from theodicy frames,
and we aint playin’ that —
God dudn’t forsake his children;
Quote us cuz we sayin’ that —
Lord, open our eyes and mesmerize — we prayin’ that.

(Dwayne Polk)