Plato’s Cave

Straight from the straight-jacket, it’s the Clown Prince, Fool for the Holy, making the whole town wince; Betta know, baby, I am God’s Joker, Watch ya facial expression, like it’s a game of poker. I bring the laughter along with the mayhem, Distribute theories of games and let you play them; Escaped from Plato’s Cave […]

Trap theology

I am not into mythology, My interest is trap theology, Educate with some frivolity, In the struggle for equality. And I keep walkin’ the walk, clear as a Bell when I talk, even when they balk, I cannot stop while they stalk, Shoot first, they dont wanna talk; They line ‘em in chalk. Nihilism prone, […]

Skeet shoot

Emperor Trump’s treating the nation like a bully, Wolf in sheep’s clothing, but the outfit ain’t too woolly, no more. Yeah, his stark nakedness is a shame, But American white supremacy just lets him play the game. Meanwhile, coppers pull on a black man and aim like a skeet shoot, For the melanin, they swoop […]

We ain’t playin’ that

“Godforsakenness” is fiction like Puff the Magic Dragon, and we slayin’ that — Mental games from theodicy frames, and we aint playin’ that — God dudn’t forsake his children; Quote us cuz we sayin’ that — Lord, open our eyes and mesmerize — we prayin’ that. (Dwayne Polk)

Just another nigga

My skin is black, got melanin of cocoa, Preservin’ my consciousness in the Land of the Loco; Smarter than the average, but my life doesn’t matter, Scared cop, mistaken identity, and my blood will still splatter – Cuz of a fear of a black planet and a hoodie that I rock, Just another nigga dead, yeah, there […]

My main squeeze

I can’t lie, the Holy Spirit is my Main Squeeze, I run after Her, like I’m late when the train leaves, Breath colder than an Arctic breeze, I got a brain freeze Spirit has no gender, when I say “Her” just don’t complain, please. (Please…) Comfort, unbelievable. Passion, inconceivable, She gives Herself and I’m the […]

To my right and to my left

I’m walkin’ in the parking lot and I got my hood up. Feelin’ like a lottery winner, got that good luck; Smiling as I stroll, a King in the Pride Lands, But then I catch some side-eye contact in a wide glance. The lady looked at me, then she locked all her doors; Nervous smile, […]

Off the Richter

It’s a party bumpin’, Chris Brown, no invitations, Lyrics thumpin’ to the chest, Give your heart some palpitations, Flowin’ like libations, Growin’ in my patience, Knowing’ indications of Divine Self-Revelations. Whew! Feelin’ like the days of Noah, But I got the Tiger’s Eye like I’m Rocky Balboa. Boa. Constrictor. Holy Covictor. Shakin’ the world with […]

Christ El Dorado

Got more love in my heart than Lucy had for Ricardo, My heart goes astray, He stops me cold like an embargo, I am the Masked Monk, theological desperado, Searchin’ till I found the Hidden Treasure, El Dorado. Never gold, I’m ever bold, his story’s been told, Never sold, staying cold, for the young and […]