An immediate experience of God?

consciousness416I’m all questions these days. Can’t seem to make heads or tails of anything.

Our experience of the world is a mediated experience. I think we all agree on that. I don’t have an immediate experience of the world. I depend upon the speed of light to carry a vision of the outside world to my vision and upon the speed of sound to discern its voice. Even my experience of touch is mediated by nerve transmissions to my brain, and that transmission takes time, however fast it is. Hartshorne was right, all our conscious experience is experience of past data.

The closest thing to immediate consciousness is our experience of self-consciousness, the experience of self-perception. Unfortunately even that transpires within brain chemistry that takes time. We cannot even have an immediate experience of ourselves! I suppose only God can be immediately present to himself or to anything else. Fine.

But how is God experienced by us immediately? Can God be immediately experienced by us? If we can’t experience ourselves immediately, how can we experience (ourselves experiencing) God immediately? Perhaps if the human spirit is something more than mere brain chemistry, we could suppose that there stands nothing, not even brain chemistry, between the divine and human spirit. OK. But is my spirit my consciousness (or irreducibly related to my consciousness)? If so, then the human spirit, however transcendent of its embodied brain, is nevertheless dependent for its experiences upon embodied consciousness. It depends upon the brain. But nothing that depends even in part upon the brain can have an immediate experience of anything, even itself. But this leads to an uncomfortable conclusion, namely, that we can never have an immediate experience of God, an experience which is not mediated by or dependent upon brain chemistry. I might object that God is not a physical reality that depends upon the speed of light or sound. Fari enough. But we are physical beings whose conscious experience is dependent upon brain chemistry (or so we’re supposing).

Can we experience God immediately? If so, how? Is the relationship between the Spirit and the human spirit immediate? Can I have a conscious experience which is not even in part dependent upon brain chemistry? What are the implications to our answers?