The Spirit-transformed ‘ego’


The Spirit-transformed human ego directs all of its powers of identification and differentiation to one thing: God its Creator. The ego realizes its own nothingness in attempting to get its feelings of solidity and permanence in identifying with and differentiating from some “other.” When it does this with the created order, as impermanent as it is, it collapses into nothingness. When it does this with God as benevolent source and ground, it steps into its God-given logos (its meaning).

The Creator is the ultimate “You” without whom our human “I” cannot ultimately sustain itself against our own nothingness. When the human ego fully and consciously accepts its nothingness before God, then it realizes that God, not the human ego, is the ultimate Uncreated “I” of all, and that we all are created “you’s” receiving grace and being at all times. The ego is removed from the throne of Selfhood and God the Center is placed there.

When the human ego is displaced from being the center of its own life story, it can be free from itself to fully realize its potential as a living temple of divine presence, giving and receiving love in all its ‘stories’. When it does this, it participates in God’s life and re-expresses God in the world and finds the weight of reality it longs for. Thus the Spirit-transformed ego uses its inherent emptiness to be filled with God.

(Dwayne Polk)